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GRS first started in Royal Leamington Spa (Warwickshire) as a company back in 1982 when Geoff Mullins started a light recovery service. This recovery service was until 2016 based at Althorpe Industrial Estate.

In 2000 Jason, Geoff's son fitted a basic lighting and siren system to a Warwickshire Ambulance Service First Responder car. Word soon got around about the extra service GRS was now providing and the conversions side soon moved into its own unit in Victoria Business Centre.

Very quickly GRS-conversions grew and was fitting lights/sirens to Warwickshire Ambulance, Police and Fire Service vehicles and non-emergency services/groups.

These conversions have expanded by word and mouth with GRS-conversions gaining an excellent reputation for conversions of lighting, sirens, covert vehicles, Lease cars, RRV's, Sat-Nav systems, phone kits and electrial converters across the West Midlands area.

The recovery business has now expanded and specialises in all areas and sizes of recovery work and so in 2016 GRS Conversions and Recovery moved to a new premises at Churchlands Business Park, Ufton Road, Harbury.

GRS-conversions's gallery contains 281 photos.

GRS Recovery Fleet and GRS Conversions

GRS Recovery Fleet 1
(Contains 14 photos)
GRS Recovery Fleet 2
(Contains 12 photos)
GRS Recovery EasTract tow truck with caterpillars
(Contains 15 photos)
EasTract is a tow truck with caterpillars controlled by a radio-command and is halfway between the forklift truck and the tow truck. This french invention is very effective for the towing and the handling of vehicle. The concept is to remove all types of vehicles, gently and without any technical constraints (the system slip underneath the vehicle and lift it without traction effect).
GRS Recovery Fleet 3
(Contains 5 photos)
GRS Recovery Vans / Cars / Tractors / Fork Lifts
(Contains 5 photos)
Incident Support Van / Cars and Tractors and Fork Lift vehicles to move vehicles around the GRS yard
Equipment for Vehicle Conversions
(Contains 43 photos)
Lights, circuit boards and displays for light conversions.
Ambulance / Police and Fire Conversions
(Contains 138 photos)
Vehicles converted by GRS to enable them to respond under emergency conditions for Ambulance, Police and Fire Services.
Projects and Orange Light Vehicles
(Contains 16 photos)
Individual projects for emergency response vehicles and orange light vehicles
Previous Recovery Vehicles Owned by GRS
(Contains 33 photos)
Vehicles that used to be part of the GRS Recovery fleet